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SubjectRe: [pm] fix time after suspend-to-*

> >>I lost (never saw) the first of this thread, BUT, if this is 2.6, I
> >>strongly recommend that settimeofday() NOT be called. It will try to
> >>adjust wall_to_motonoic, but, as this appears to be a correction for time
> >>lost while sleeping, wall_to_monotonic should not change.
> >
> >
> >While suspended should the notion monotonic time be incrementing? If
> >we're not incrementing jiffies, then uptime isn't being incremented, so
> >to me it doesn't follow that the monotonic time should be incrementing
> >as well.
> Uh, not moving jiffies? What does this say about any timers that may be
> pending? Say for cron or some such? Like I said, I picked up this thread
> a bit late, but, seems to me that if time is passing, it should pass on
> both the jiffies AND the wall clocks.
> >
> >It may very well be a POSIX timers spec issue, but it just strikes me as
> >odd.
> The spec thing would relate to any sleeps or timers that are pending. The
> spec would seem to say they should complete somewhere near the requested
> wall time, but NEVER before. By not moving jiffies, I think they will be a
> bit late. Now, if they were to complete during the sleep, well those
> should fire at completion of the sleep. If the are to complete after the
> sleep, then, it seems to me, they should fire at the requested time.

We are currently not incrementing jiffies during sleep, so sleep seems
to be

wait a *long* time

. Adjusting wall time is a must, but I hope to get away without
updating jiffies etc. At least that's how apm worked up to now (?).


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