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SubjectRe: [REPOST] The Linux Progress Patch for 2.6 Kernels
James Simmons wrote:
>>Prasad wrote:
>>>The patch was made against 2.6.0-Test5 but should
>>>perfectly work for the recent ones too.
>>I need the following patch w/ test8-mm1 to get it compile. Otherwise it
>>works quite well (i810fb). The screen is a bit distorted for the first
>>few messages after elpp kicks in and the bottom line, where the messages
>>appear, isn't cleared to the end. Also the background right of the eye
>>is changing from black to red in the middle of the boot progress for no
>>apparent reason (I've no supporting bootscripts).
> ???? What is elpp ?

LPP for 2.6?! See [1] and Prasad's earlier post [2] about it.
i810fb is working great without it - thanks for your work :).



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