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    Subject[BUG somewhere] 2.6.0-test8 irq.c, IRQ_INPROGRESS ?

    I'm seeing an NMI Watchdog detected LOCKUP go away when I revert this patch
    previously added into test8.

    Any help appreciated.

    diff -Nru a/arch/i386/kernel/irq.c b/arch/i386/kernel/irq.c
    --- a/arch/i386/kernel/irq.c Fri Oct 17 14:43:50 2003
    +++ b/arch/i386/kernel/irq.c Fri Oct 17 14:43:50 2003
    @@ -378,7 +380,7 @@
    spin_lock_irqsave(&desc->lock, flags);
    switch (desc->depth) {
    case 1: {
    - unsigned int status = desc->status & ~IRQ_DISABLED;
    + unsigned int status = desc->status & ~(IRQ_DISABLED | IRQ_INPROGRESS);
    desc->status = status;
    if ((status & (IRQ_PENDING | IRQ_REPLAY)) == IRQ_PENDING) {
    desc->status = status | IRQ_REPLAY;
    EIP is at .text.lock.8390+0x39/0x63 which is in ei_start_xmit() in 8390.c
    at the first spin_lock_irqsave().

    I hand copied the data from the console, what else is interesting/necessary?

    First notices after booting into test8 and the system went silent when starting X,
    since /home is NFS mounted go generate network and IDE activity.

    Reproducible by doing all 3 of these (any 2 and the system stays alive, longer
    than I want to wait)

    1. ping flood A->B
    2. ping flood B->A
    3. find and grep for garbage from IDE on B's /dev/md/X filesystem

    System B is SMP dual Celeron 466Mhz.

    Eth interface:

    isapnp: Scanning for PnP cards...
    isapnp: Card 'SMC EZ Card (1660)'
    isapnp: 1 Plug & Play card detected total
    pnp: Device 00:01.00 activated.
    ne.c: ISAPnP reports Generic PNP at i/o 0x220, irq 5.
    ne.c:v1.10 9/23/94 Donald Becker (
    Last modified Nov 1, 2000 by Paul Gortmaker
    NE*000 ethercard probe at 0x220: 00 e0 29 3c 1f 11
    eth0: NE2000 found at 0x220, using IRQ 5.

    IDE interface:

    PIIX4: IDE controller at PCI slot 0000:00:07.1
    PIIX4: chipset revision 1
    PIIX4: not 100% native mode: will probe irqs later
    ide0: BM-DMA at 0xf000-0xf007, BIOS settings: hda:pio, hdb:pio
    ide1: BM-DMA at 0xf008-0xf00f, BIOS settings: hdc:pio, hdd:pio
    HPT366: onboard version of chipset, pin1=1 pin2=2
    HPT366: IDE controller at PCI slot 0000:00:13.0
    HPT366: chipset revision 1
    HPT366: 100% native mode on irq 18
    ide2: BM-DMA at 0xdc00-0xdc07, BIOS settings: hde:pio, hdf:pio
    ide3: BM-DMA at 0xe800-0xe807, BIOS settings: hdg:pio, hdh:pio
    hde: WDC WD400BB-32AUA1, ATA DISK drive
    ide2 at 0xd400-0xd407,0xd802 on irq 18
    hdg: ST340810A, ATA DISK drive
    ide3 at 0xe000-0xe007,0xe402 on irq 18
    hde: max request size: 128KiB
    hde: 78165360 sectors (40020 MB) w/2048KiB Cache, CHS=65535/16/63, UDMA(66)
    /dev/ide/host2/bus0/target0/lun0: p1 p2 p3 p4 < p5 p6 p7 p8 p9 >
    hdg: max request size: 128KiB
    hdg: 78165360 sectors (40020 MB) w/2048KiB Cache, CHS=65535/16/63, UDMA(66)
    /dev/ide/host3/bus0/target0/lun0: p1 p2 p3 p4 < p5 p6 p7 p8 p9 >
    /proc/interrupts (currently running 2.6.0-test8)

    CPU0 CPU1
    0: 52531411 84 IO-APIC-edge timer
    1: 10288 1 IO-APIC-edge i8042
    2: 0 0 XT-PIC cascade
    5: 1908410 66015823 IO-APIC-edge NE2000
    8: 1 0 IO-APIC-edge rtc
    12: 56098 1 IO-APIC-edge i8042
    16: 3663003 0 IO-APIC-level r128@PCI:1:0:0
    18: 162982 300769 IO-APIC-level ide2, ide3
    NMI: 52531430 52531316
    LOC: 52544445 52544450
    ERR: 42
    MIS: 999
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