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SubjectRe: [PATCH] linuxabi
Date writes:

> Hi Linus,
> Something we have talked about for a long time is
> separating out from the kernel headers the parts
> fit for inclusion in user space.
> This is a very large project, and it will take a long
> time, especially if we want the user space headers to
> be a pleasure to look at, instead of just a cut-n-paste
> copy of whatever we find in the current headers.
> Some start is required, and the very first step is
> making sure that you agree with the project.
> Immediately following is the choice of directory names.

This is a 2.7 project. Doing this right requires a lot more
than what you are doing here.

One example is that we need to be very careful with is that the
glibc abi is not the same as the linux kernel abi. Even though most
of the functions are pass through some are not. And which are which
is a fairly arbitrary decision. So all of the definitions exported
through linuxabi need to be in a linux centric namespace. This is
especially true because otherwise I could not include
linuxabi/mountflags.h and sys/mount.h and not get compilation

I believe linuxabi/mountflags.h should look more like:
--- a/include/linuxabi/mountflags.h Thu Jan 1 01:00:00 1970
+++ b/include/linuxabi/mountflags.h Wed Oct 1 00:40:50 2003
@@ -0,0 +1,32 @@
+ * These are the fs-independent mount-flags: up to 32 flags are supported
+ */
+#define LINUX_MS_RDONLY 1 /* Mount read-only */
+#define LINUX_MS_NOSUID 2 /* Ignore suid and sgid bits */
+#define LINUX_MS_NODEV 4 /* Disallow access to device special files */
+#define LINUX_MS_NOEXEC 8 /* Disallow program execution */
+#define LINUX_MS_SYNCHRONOUS 16 /* Writes are synced at once */
+#define LINUX_MS_REMOUNT 32 /* Alter flags of a mounted FS */
+#define LINUX_MS_MANDLOCK 64 /* Allow mandatory locks on an FS */
+#define LINUX_MS_DIRSYNC 128 /* Directory modifications are synchronous */
+#define LINUX_MS_NOATIME 1024 /* Do not update access times. */
+#define LINUX_MS_NODIRATIME 2048 /* Do not update directory access times */
+#define LINUX_MS_BIND 4096
+#define LINUX_MS_MOVE 8192
+#define LINUX_MS_REC 16384
+#define LINUX_MS_VERBOSE 32768
+#define LINUX_MS_POSIXACL (1<<16) /* VFS does not apply the umask */
+#define LINUX_MS_ONE_SECOND (1<<17) /* fs has 1 sec a/m/ctime resolution */
+#define LINUX_MS_ACTIVE (1<<30)
+#define LINUX_MS_NOUSER (1<<31)
+ * Old magic mount flag and mask
+ */
+#define LINUX_MS_MGC_VAL 0xC0ED0000
+#define LINUX_MS_MGC_MSK 0xffff0000

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