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    SubjectRe: swsusp in test8 fails with intel-agp and i830

    > I am not sure which of the two modules causes the problem, I can only load
    > them both. Unfortunately, without those modules the vaio laptop can only give
    > 640x480, so this is not much of a workaround...

    With vesafb, you should be able to get any resultion you want at
    60Hz. Which is okay, because you have LCD.

    > To summarize:
    > If the intel-agp and i830 modules are not loaded during startup, suspend via
    > echo 4 > /proc/acpi/sleep and restore work beautifully. If those modules
    > _are_ loaded, and X is running, resume reboots.


    static int agp_intel_resume(struct pci_dev *pdev)
    struct agp_bridge_data *bridge = pci_get_drvdata(pdev);

    if (bridge->driver == &intel_generic_driver)
    else if (bridge->driver == &intel_845_driver)

    return 0;

    intel_agp tries to implement resume, try to put printk("something");
    mdelay(1000); in it and debug it this way.

    drivers/char/drm/i830_drv driver is apparently using DMA _and_ has no
    suspend/resume support. That looks dangerous to me, perhaps you'll
    need to implement those, too.
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