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    SubjectRe: make htmldocs
    On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 12:09:46PM +0200, Karel Kulhav? wrote:
    > > > 2) How do I install DocBook stylesheets?
    > >
    > > Depends on distribution.
    > How do I determine what distribution I have? I have compiled my whole system
    > manually.

    Not the problem of the kernel. If you can build your whole system
    manually, you also know how to use Google.

    > Asking again: how do I install "DocBook stylesheets"?

    Replying again: Depends on distribution. (On Debian: apt-get install
    docbook docbook-dsssl).

    > Do you say that the place where DocBook stylesheet sources can be downloaded
    > depends on distribution I have? I have been looking at their sourceforge
    > project page but there is nothing like "download DocBook stylesheets".
    > There are DocBook-dsssl and a ton of other cryptic packages but none of them
    > is stylesheets.

    Distributions tend to package these kind of projects. DocBook is one of
    the projects that has been packaged by the distributions. GCC is
    another project.

    > If there doesn't exist any distribution-idependent installation process
    > for "DocBook stylesheets", then "DocBook stylesheets" is not portable,
    > and transitively, "Linux Kernel" is not portable. Could you please
    > recommend me some other open-source free operating system where I don't
    > need to have a "distribution" to be even able to read it's enclosed
    > documentation? I have been using Linux Kernel for 7 years but can't anymore
    > because I am unable to read it's manual.

    DocBook is not necessary to *build* the kernel. It's only used to make
    nicely formatted documents from the comments already in the kernel
    source or to make nicely formatted documents from the source of the
    books in Documentation/DocBook/. If you don't have DocBook available,
    that doesn't make the kernel less portable, all documentation is
    available in a human readable format.


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