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Subject[BUG] ext3 bug

Kernel: 2.6.0-test7-bk5

Yesterday my laptop switched off by power failure; as usual, at reboot
ext3 performed the journal recovery correctly, but now, trying to issue
an apt-get update gives the following report, after which the file
system is in a read-only state (note, I've not performed a disk check
just in case you need to test something).

kernel BUG at fs/jbd/transaction.c:1224!
invalid operand: 0000 [#1]
CPU: 0
EIP: 0060:[<c018ff40>] Not tainted
EFLAGS: 00010282
EIP is at journal_forget+0x1e0/0x230
eax: 0000005f ebx: c627a000 ecx: 00000001 edx: c027b7d8
esi: c5c83810 edi: c68ce1b0 ebp: c74d3f00 esp: c627bd68
ds: 007b es: 007b ss: 0068
Process apt-get (pid: 373, threadinfo=c627a000 task=c62fc080)
Stack: c025d200 c024f667 c025b931 000004c8 c025ba47 00000000 c5f6a400
c121d424 c0183640 c121d424 c5c83810 c5c83810 00050000 00001000
c5f0d208 c121d424 c5f6a400 c0185bf2 c121d424 00000000 c5f6a400
Call Trace:
[<c0183640>] ext3_forget+0xf0/0x100
[<c0185bf2>] ext3_clear_blocks+0x112/0x160
[<c0185cd8>] ext3_free_data+0x98/0x160
[<c0185e86>] ext3_free_branches+0xe6/0x270
[<c0185e86>] ext3_free_branches+0xe6/0x270
[<c01864c5>] ext3_truncate+0x4b5/0x600
[<c018eb4d>] journal_start+0xad/0xe0
[<c01836a3>] start_transaction+0x23/0x60
[<c0183848>] ext3_delete_inode+0xc8/0x120
[<c0183780>] ext3_delete_inode+0x0/0x120
[<c0167dba>] generic_delete_inode+0x6a/0x110
[<c0168043>] iput+0x63/0x90
[<c015dec0>] sys_unlink+0x110/0x140
[<c014da01>] sys_close+0x61/0xa0
[<c010938b>] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

Code: 0f 0b c8 04 31 b9 25 c0 e9 41 ff ff ff c7 04 24 00 d2 25 c0
<6>note: apt-get[373] exited with preempt_count 2

Message from syslogd@nbsr at Tue Oct 14 08:25:40 2003 ...
nbsr kernel: Assertion failure in journal_forget() at
fs/jbd/transaction.c:1224: "!jh->b_committed_data"
Segmentation fault

Stefano RIVOIR

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