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SubjectRe: [RFC] invalidate_mmap_range() misses remap_file_pages()-affected targets
William Lee Irwin III <> wrote:
> invalidate_mmap_range(), and hence vmtruncate(), can miss its targets
> due to remap_file_pages() disturbing the former invariant of file
> offsets only being mapped within vmas tagged as mapping file offset
> ranges containing them.

I was going to just not bother about this wart. After all, we get to write
the standard on remap_file_pages(), and we can say "the
truncate-causes-SIGBUS thing doesn't work". After all, it is not very

But I wonder if this effect could be used maliciously. Say, user A has
read-only access to user B's file, and uses that access to set up a
nonlinear mapping thereby causing user B's truncate to not behave
correctly. But this example is OK, isn't it? User A will just receive an
anonymous page for his troubles.

Can you think of any stability or security scenario which says that we
_should_ implement the conventional truncate behaviour?

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