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    SubjectRe: Job Announcements (was Linux TCP/IP Stack Developer)
    At 11:29 PM 10/11/2003 +0200, you wrote:
    >So the only way to prevent this from happening, is to forbid them to do it,
    >even if some people may miss one good opportunity. There are sites for this,
    >even newsgroups, so it clearly doesn't have its place here. I'm sure David
    >also has a lot of other reasons for this, but I sincerely think that the ones
    >I exposed here are already good justifications by themselves

    Willy, I agree with almost every word. I remember what happened to UseNet
    and some of the early mailing lists when they became over-run with
    commercial and self-serving messages (did someone say "kibo"?) and I don't
    envy David his job.

    Bald prohibitions are easy and nasty. Prohibitions with a steer in the
    right direction are just as easy, and comes across as more of a service to
    everyone. How much better it would have been for David to have
    said something with a positive twist: "Don't do it here, do it at" or some such. (Assuming such a list exists --
    and if there isn't such a list is it time to start one?)

    As for sites and newsgroups, though, I have to take exception to your
    observation. I have yet to find one that attracts both potential employers
    and potential employees and keeps its listings current. The closest I have
    found to an active job list for Linux is Craig's List; sites such as are not very up-to-date in the offerings -- every time
    I had tried to follow up on a listing from October 2002 to April 2003 I
    was told "that job's already filled." The general-purpose jobs sites (Hot
    Jobs, Dice, America's Job Bank, and others) have some Linux jobs but
    usually as part of a package of jobs, not in isolation.

    I'd appreciate specifics on good sites for Linux people, both from the
    perspective of an employer and a job seeker.


    "People who seem to have had a new idea have often just stopped having an
    old idea." -- Dr. Edwin H. Land

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