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SubjectRe: [2.7 "thoughts"] V0.3
On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 09:54:12AM +0200, Frederick, Fabian wrote:
> 2.7 "thoughts"
> Thanks to Gabor, Stuart, Stephan and others
> Don't hesitate to send me more or comment.

Ugh, this is all crackpot wishlist gunk.

How about some goodies backed with real working code, like:

* O(1) proc_pid_statm()
-- originally by bcrl for 2.4, fwd port maintained by wli
* O(lg(n)) proc_pid_readdir()/proc_task_readdir()
-- original O(1) proc_pid_readdir() by manfred, rewritten by
-- wli to use rbtrees for O(lg(n)) seeks into the relevant
-- lists (walking over empty buckets had overhead)
* 4KB ia32 kernel stacks + irqstacks
-- original by bcrl, fwd port maintained by dhansen for a
-- substantial amount of time, now maintained by wli
* ia32 leaf pagetable node cache
-- wli
* node-local per_cpu areas for ia32 NUMA
-- wli
* highpmd, analogue of highpte for pmd's
-- wli. Gets pmd's on node-local mem on ia32 NUMA, and
-- alleviates a lot of lowmem pressure under heavy
-- multiprogramming levels on PAE.

Some benchmarks of a patchset including these (and several other things)
are at, and some ports
of the patch set are at

Whatever fantasy may be worth, working code is worth a lot more. I'll
refrain from mentioning prototype-quality patches I'm hacking on atm.

-- wli
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