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SubjectRe: Misc NFSv4 (was Re: statfs() / statvfs() syscall ballsup...)
>>>>> " " == Michael Shuey <> writes:

> How about other features? In particular, do the client/server
> do authentication (krb5? lipkey/spkm3?), integrity and privacy?

Client side krb5 authentication was added in November last
year. Privacy and integrity are queued but fell afoul of the
code-freeze. I'll bun(d|g)le them into an NFS_ALL after we've tested
them out in the v4 Bakeathon in Austin (so in about a fortnight).

I believe the server support is ready too but hasn't yet been merged
in due to bugs in the upcall mechanism.

> Also, are any patches on Citi's site useful anymore? I see
> patches for 2.6.0-test1, but nothing more recent. Have they
> been folded into the main tree?

I'm cherrypicking the relevant bugfixes from CITI and folding those
into the tree. Much of the rest will be part of the forthcoming

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