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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in closed source drivers?
Richard Stallman wrote:

> If you use some other term instead of "operating system" for the
> larger collection of software, it might remove one cause of confusion.

Might I suggest the term "operation environment" - thus things like the
kernel, and "got-to-have-it-or-we-no-go" bits like libc and the dynamic
loader system are "the operating system", and
"we-can-live-without-it-but-who-wants-to" bits like the browser, editor,
HTTP/FTP/etc. libraries are part of the "operating environment".

> That won't eliminate the question of what this collection's name
> should properly be, or correct the misinformation about how it was
> developed and by whom.

OT: Thank you, Richard, for what you've done for the industry. My first
exposure to Gnu was on the Atari ST, where an individual sent me GCC on
about 20 floppy disks. Been hooked ever since - I've often thought the
GPL would make a great "Wonder of the World" in FreeCiv...

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