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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] Re: 2.5 fbdev & driver initial mode

> > Note: on some platforms graphics chips with VGA cores are _not_ initialized to
> > VGA mode by the firmware. So great care should be taken when not explicitly
> > switching to graphics mode on those platforms.
> Yup. This is typically the case of PowerMacs where the VGA memory isn't
> even reachable on the PCI/AGP bus.

Here are the case we will have.

1) Embedded devices. People here have a tendency to want to use serial
console and just want fbdev without fbcon. Fbcon set the graphics state
in fbcon_startup. Now the developers want to know if the hardware
actually worked. So they can call fb_set_var and fb_show_logo
themselves in there drivers. They want to fully bring up the hardware.

2) Now say the above want to use fbcon. Then they don't need to set the
graphics state in there driver. Fbcon will do it for them.

3) The graphics card has some kind of default text mode state. For the
case where we want to use /dev/fb without fbcon and the text mode then
we don't want to change the graphics state in the intialization code.
It is done in the first open and the last close.

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