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SubjectRe: [patch 2.5] 2-pass PCI probing, generic part
On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 08:46:26PM +0300, Ivan Kokshaysky wrote:
> As discussed, this patch splits PCI probing into 2 phases.

Like david, both parts of the patch look good but i haven't tested
on either parisc or ia64. I don't have time right now to work on
2.5.x issues :^(

I looked at 2.5.54 to check if everything was ok and found
another nit:
grundler <510>fgrep pci_scan_bus *.[ch]
probe.c:struct pci_bus * __devinit pci_scan_bus_parented(struct device *parent, int bus, struct pci_ops *ops, void *sysdata)

and :
grundler <514>fgrep pci_scan_bus include/linux/*h
include/linux/pci.h:struct pci_bus *pci_scan_bus_parented(struct device *parent, int bus, struct pci_ops *ops, void *sysdata);
include/linux/pci.h:static inline struct pci_bus *pci_scan_bus(int bus, struct pci_ops *ops, void *sysdata)
include/linux/pci.h: return pci_scan_bus_parented(NULL, bus, ops, sysdata);

Can the EXPORT_SYMBOL(pci_scan_bus) be removed now?

BTW, thanks to whoever introduced pci_scan_bus_parented().
It's exactly what parisc code needed (lba_pci.c and dino.c use it).

I think just go ahead with your patches and we'll fix up the arch specific
stuff to follow. I'm convinced it's the right direction.

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