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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] rotation.

> However, as Geert mentioned, if you want to support rotation
> generically, then you have to do it in the fbcon level. The driver need
> not know if the display is rotated or not. All it needs to do is fill a
> region with color, color expand a bitmap and move blocks of data, and
> optionally 'pan' the window. Fbcon will pass the correct (ie, oriented)
> information for the driver.

Yes. Hardware rotation shouldn't also not effect the way accel
operatations are done.

> This will not be too processor intensive as long as some data is
> prepared beforehand, like a rotated fontdata.

Yeap!! The only thing is we could end up with 4 times the amount of data.

> The main difficulty with this approach is how do you tell the console to
> rotate the display? We cannot use fbset because the changes will not be
> visible to fbcon.

I think it should video fbcon=rotate:90 command line for example.

> I submitted a patch before (see fbdev archives for "Console Rotation"
> thread) that rotates the console this way. I had vga16fb, vesafb, and

I seen it and even have it still.

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