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SubjectRe: USB-storage/SCSI panic/error writing CF card
On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 01:36:14PM -0500, Murray J. Root wrote:

> Writing to the card sometimes hangs the process when unmounting
> Sometimes the data IS written to the card first, then it hangs the process.
> Sometimes the card is corrupt (cannot cd to the mountpoint -I/O error)
> /var/log/messages has several lines like:
> Jan 9 13:08:51 Master kernel: FAT: Filesystem panic (dev sd(8,1))
> Jan 9 13:08:51 Master kernel: Directory 4: invalid cluster chain
> Sometimes get kernel panic with ONLY these 2 lines:
> "Error handler thread not present at f7a57000 f7bf0d80 drivers/scsi/scsi-error.c 154"
> "In interrupt handler - not syncing"
> No messages in logs

The panic is caused by timeout on a scsi command when the error handler
has unexpectedly gone away, possibly because of this bug, where the erorr
handler exits early because of a SIGHUP:

Fixing the panic won't fix the corruption. scsi should really offline the
adapter and scsi devices on the adapter rather than panic.

-- Patrick Mansfield
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