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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Embed __this_module in module itself.
On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 10:18:53AM +0900, Miles Bader wrote:
> Sam Ravnborg <> writes:
> > Not knowing much about v850, I wonder why you do not need to set the -m
> > option. Most other architectures do this.
> ???
> A far as I can see, no architecture does anything different than the
> default.

A little grepping gave the following result:

i386/Makefile:LDFLAGS := -m elf_i386
m68k/Makefile:LDFLAGS := -m m68kelf
mips/Makefile:LDFLAGS := -G 0
ppc64/Makefile:LDFLAGS := -m elf64ppc
s390/Makefile:LDFLAGS := -m elf_s390
s390x/Makefile:LDFLAGS := -m elf64_s390
sh/Makefile:LDFLAGS := -EL
sh/Makefile:LDFLAGS := -EB
sparc/Makefile:LDFLAGS := -m elf32_sparc
sparc64/Makefile:LDFLAGS := -m elf64_sparc
x86_64/Makefile:LDFLAGS := -m elf_x86_64

Little less than half of the architectures defines their own LDFLAGS.
Most of them set an emulation, most probarly inherited from i386.

> [Why on earth would -m be needed, anyway?]

I do not know, but as can be seen above several architectures use it.

I have seen your proposed patch for gnu.linkonce.
I do prefer to have it in arch/v850/Makefile because this is a workaround
for an architecture specific bug in ld.
Why not provide your own link script?

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