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SubjectRe: MB without keyboard controller / USB-only keyboard ?
On 9 Jan 2003, Alan Cox wrote:

| On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 17:39, Stephan von Krawczynski wrote:
| > > > pc_keyb: controller jammed (0xFF)
| > >
| > > Does your BIOS do keyboard emulation ?
| >
| > It is Compaq EVO D510. It has merely nothing of interest in the BIOS (no
| > keyboard emu). As far as I remember it contains an I845 chipset.
| Can you use the USB keyboard to configure the BIOS during boot. If so
| then it almost certainly has USB bios emulation. Another trivial test
| that would be useful is to stick a freedos boot floppy in the box and
| see if freedos works
| -

PS/2 keyboard emulation might not show up in the BIOS Setup menu.
Or do you know that the BIOS doesn't contain PS/2 keyboard emulation?

Have you installed Linux on it? If so, how did you do that?

Once past this hurdle, there are patches that can help.


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