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SubjectRe: Wireless Extensions v16-3 - clean patches
On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 08:31:19PM -0800, Joshua M. Kwan wrote:
> Hi Jean,
> I have attached two patches that allow current 2.5.54 BK and 2.4.20
> vanilla to patch cleanly from whatever WE they came with to WE16,
> from your site. This is easier since the patches on your website for
> 2.4.20 require two patches, and the 2.5.x one has a single reject
> that was not hard to resolve (just a few line breaks here and there
> and editing of the surrounding text confused patch.)
> For 2.5, the BK i diffed against was a fresh tree from today, but
> since you're the one that makes all the changes to those files
> anyway, it really doesn't matter until a new WE is pushed! And then
> this patch won't be necessary at all :)
> Both patches should be placed in the root of the source tree and
> applied with -p0.
> Hope this can benefit others who would like to easily upgrade their
> WE :)
> Regards
> Josh

Thanks for the good work !

For 2.4.X : 2.4.21-pre2 has WE-15, so if you get it it's only
one patch (the one on my page).
For 2.5.X : my Pcmcia cards still don't work with 2.5.54, so
I'm currently no too worried about 2.5.X at the moment.
Also, the current WE16-3 may not be the final version, as I'm
waiting for feedback from driver authors. Talking of feedback, which
part of WE16 do you need and why ?

Have fun...

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