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SubjectBelongs to oops with mass storage
Ok guys, thanks for fast response.

1.) i get the oops also, if i set the processor to 733 Mhz, i just tried
it 5 mins ago.

2.) the ksymoops message here:
(Sorry for the last posting with hex numbers, i am not an experienced
kernel hacker...)

>>EIP; c01261d8 <kfree+2c/b0> <=====

>>eax; 00b00000 Before first symbol
>>edx; c100001c <_end+d18240/1054e224>
>>ebp; ce13be00 <_end+de54024/1054e224>
>>esp; c9c39de0 <_end+9952004/1054e224>

Trace; c01d2b23 <usb_destroy_configuration+3f/1b4>
Trace; d0838e50 <[usb-uhci]uhci_free_dev+28/30>
Trace; c01d202c <usb_free_dev+24/3c>
Trace; d0839852 <[usb-uhci]uhci_interrupt+c6/12c>
Trace; c0107e8d <handle_IRQ_event+31/5c>
Trace; c0107ff6 <do_IRQ+6a/a8>
Trace; c010a1d8 <call_do_IRQ+5/d>
Trace; c011f09b <handle_mm_fault+7f/b0>
Trace; c010eb64 <do_page_fault+160/480>
Trace; c010ea04 <do_page_fault+0/480>
Trace; c011992c <rm_sig_from_queue+14/18>
Trace; c011a904 <do_sigaction+9c/d4>
Trace; c0106cc4 <error_code+34/3c>

Code; c01261d8 <kfree+2c/b0>
00000000 <_EIP>:
Code; c01261d8 <kfree+2c/b0> <=====
0: 2b 59 0c sub 0xc(%ecx),%ebx <=====
Code; c01261db <kfree+2f/b0>
3: 89 d8 mov %ebx,%eax
Code; c01261dd <kfree+31/b0>
5: 31 d2 xor %edx,%edx
Code; c01261df <kfree+33/b0>
7: f7 76 18 divl 0x18(%esi)
Code; c01261e2 <kfree+36/b0>
a: 89 c3 mov %eax,%ebx
Code; c01261e4 <kfree+38/b0>
c: 86 41 14 xchg %al,0x14(%ecx)
Code; c01261e7 <kfree+3b/b0>
f: 89 44 99 18 mov %eax,0x18(%ecx,%ebx,4)
Code; c01261eb <kfree+3f/b0>
13: 89 00 mov %eax,(%eax)

1 warning issued. Results may not be reliable.

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