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SubjectLinux v2.5.55

All over the map again: arm, alpha, ppc, sparc, usb, isdn, dm, sysfs,
knfsd - you name it.


Summary of changes from v2.5.54 to v2.5.55

o [AGPGART]: early agp init fix intel_agp_init() must not be
declared static for explicit early initialization to work (ie

o [NET-DV]: Add some missing statics

o Fix errors making Docbook documentation

o Fix kallsyms stem compression crash
o Stop APM initialization race from oopsing

o remove malloc.h from 68328 serial driver

o dm: Don't let the ioctl interface drop a suspended device
o dm: Correct clone info initialisation
o dm: Correct target_type reference counting
o dm: rwlock_t -> rw_semaphore (fluff)
o dm: Call dm_put_target_type() *after* calling the destructor
o dm: Remove explicit returns from void fns (fluff)
o dm: printk tgt->error if dm_table_add_target() fails
o dm: Simplify error->map
o dm: Export dm_table_get_mode()
o dm: Remove redundant error checking

o Fix two mis-spellings of 'kernel'

o remove net config from arch-alpha
o remove net config from arch-arm
o remove net config from arch-cris
o remove net config from arch-ia64
o remove net config from arch-m68k
o remove net config from arch-m68k_nommu
o remove net config from arch-mips32
o remove net config from arch-mips64
o remove net config from arch-parisc
o remove net config from arch-ppc
o remove net config from arch-ppc64
o remove net config from arch-sparc32
o remove net config from arch-sparc64
o remove net config from arch-superh
o remove net config from arch-v850
o remove net config from arch-x86
o remove net config from arch-x86_64
o add proper bus dependencies to net driver configs
o add m68k dependencies to net driver config
o Add the unified NETDEVICES submenu
o Bring the "Networking support" menu to life

o misc_register-011-002
o xpad_typo
o cli_sti_removal-002
o misc_register-008-004
o misc_register-029-004
o misc_register-007-005

o Handle kmalloc fails: drivers_pci_probe.c
o [SPARC-ENVCTRL]: Handle failed kmalloc

o [SPARC64]: Translate IPT_SO_SET_REPLACE socket option for 32-bit

o PPC32: Add support for SPI and RISC timers to the MPC8xx commproc.h
o PPC32: Minor updates for a few MPC8xx platforms
o PPC32: Make the MPC8xx FEC driver PHY selection configurable
o PPC32: Add code to support the AMD AM79C874 PHY to the MPC8xx FEC

o fix ide-scsi oops with abort

Adrian Bunk <>:
o remove kernel 2.0 compatibility code from i91uscsi.c
o Remove stale zft_dirty() caller and declaration
o remove code for 2.0 kernels from drivers/char/ftape/*

Andi Kleen <>:
o x86-64 updates for 2.5.54
o 2.5.54 AGP driver fixes for x86-64
o x86_64 extable fixes
o Fix x86-64 AGPGART/IOMMU compilation

Andrew Morton <>:
o hugetlbfs deadlock
o move LOG_BUF_SIZE to header/config
o devfs mount-time readdir fix and cleanup
o misc fixes
o 3c59x: 3c920 support
o copy_page_range: minor cleanup
o infrastructure for handling pte_chain_alloc() failures
o handle pte_chain_alloc() failures
o infrastructure for handling radix_tree_node allocation
o handle radix_tree_node allocation failures
o mempool_resize fix
o slab: redzoning cleanup
o shrink the amount of vmalloc space reserved for kmap
o Dynamically size the pidhash hash table
o AIO exit fix
o return the correct thing from direct-io
o AIO support for raw/O_DIRECT
o bio dirtying infrastructure
o AIO support for raw/O_DIRECT
o Reduced wakeup rate in direct-io code

Andries E. Brouwer <>:
o scsi_scan.c
o htmldoc fix

Anton Blanchard <>:
o ppc64: remove yaboot hooks, we dont use them on ppc64
o ppc64: remove MSCHUNKS code from prom.c, its no longer used on
o ppc64: call quiesce
o ppc64: quieten boot wrapper a bit
o ppc64: Makefile cleanup from Sam Ravnborg
o ppc64: remove some old xmon code
o ppc64: move sys32_times + sys32_newstat from Stephen Rothwell
o ppc64: remove some old code
o ppc64: remove xics_isa_init
o ppc64: move xics.h into include/asm-ppc64
o ppc64: add identifiers to asm statements, makes reading disassembly
slightly easier
o ppc64: wrap pSeries and iSeries specific code
o ppc64: Split up pSeries and iSeries specific files, helps with
bloat and TOC utilisation
o ppc64: Makefile cleanup from Sam Ravnborg
o ppc64: support for > 32 CPUs (24 way RS64 with HMT shows up as 48
o ppc64: Fix for memcpy from paulus
o ppc64: Add readahead ioctls
o ppc64: restore FB ioctls
o ppc64: eliminate the rest of the __kernel_..._t32 typedefs from
Stephen Rothwell
o ppc64: update
o small module patch

Benjamin Herrenschmidt <>:
o PPC32: Extend CPU and idle handling for new 7xx/7xxx PPC cpus
o PPC32: Update L2/L3 cache control register handling (from 2.4)

Bjorn Helgaas <>:
o [AGP] Remove bogus AGP/DRM assumptions [Forward port of a 2.4 patch
that got applied last month -- DJ]
o [AGP] size AGP mem correctly when memory is discontiguous
o 440GX AGP update
o i810/i830 AGP update

Bob Miller <>:
o Remove unused function from radeon_mem.c
o Fixed ifdefs for a label in ncpfs_sock.c

Chris Wilson <>:
o misc_register sx.c version 2
o Kernel Janitors patch to drivers_macintosh_ans-lcd.c
o ip27-rtc.c create_proc_read_entry patch
o perf.c misc_register patch
o drivers_macintosh_via-pmu_.c
o drivers_sgi_char_streamable.c misc_register patch
o drivers_sgi_char_usema.c misc_register patch
o cli_sti in drivers_net_irda_sa1100_ir.c

Christoph Hellwig <>:
o Fix PCMCIA SCSI driver build

Dave Jones <>:
o [AGP] add agp_num_entries() function to determine GATT table size -
reserved IOMMU entries
o [AGP] Move the VIA KT400 to its own driver
o [AGP] Add debug info to failure path of AGP 3.0 rate enabling
o [AGP] VIA KT400 AGP 3.0 aperture size decoding
o [AGP] Flesh out the VIA KT400 driver some more
o [AGP] VIA VT8235/P4X400 GART support (based upon 2.4 patch from
Richard Baverstock <>)
o [AGP] Clean up some comments
o [AGP] P4X333 uses same northbridge as P4X400 Also renumber it. (The
previous patch used the number of the southbridge by mistake)
o x86-64 RAID XOR compile fix
o Fix READ_CD fallback
o CDROM changers timeout tweak
o Wacky gdth driver vendor update
o P4 typo
o CREDITS updates
o Appletalk bits depend on ISA/EISA
o yenta comment typo
o Missed checks in hisax
o Make ip2 module variable dependant on CONFIG_MODULE
o Missing check in PCI hotplug
o Fix up dma_alloc_coherent with 64bit DMA masks on i386
o zoran ioctl sleeping fixes
o x86-64 pmd corruption fix
o size_t fixes
o tracer pid
o Correct header
o Remove broken prefetching in free_one_pgd()
o x86-64 spinlock code typo
o compiler warning silence
o EDD typo
o signal.h -W cleanup
o Remove unneeded CONFIG_X86_USE_STRING_486
o Remove unused proto

Dave Kleikamp <>:
o JFS: In jfs_extendfs, brelse was being called with wrong bufferhead
o JFS: Clean up flushing outstanding transactions to journal
o JFS: add sync_fs super_operation
o JFS: define aio_read and aio_write file_operations

David Jeffery <>:
o ips driver 1/3: remove 2.2 kernel compat code
o ips driver 2/3: adapter error handling fixes
o ips driver 3/3: code cleanup

David S. Miller <>:
o [AIC7xxx]: aic7xxx_osm.h needs asm/io.h, this keeps being deleted
by Justin :(
o [SPARC]: Kill ide intr lock crap from asm ide.h headers
o [SPARC64]: Add dummy archclean target
o [USB]: core/hcd.c needs dma-mapping.h
o [USB]: Add missing quotes in ohci debugging snprintf
o [SPARC64]: Only include linux/cache.h in asm/smp.h if not assembler
o [NFS4]: Use proper printf format for size_t
o [SPARC64]: Add dummy archmrproper rule
o [SPARC64]: Fix aic7xxx kconfig path
o [SPARC]: sbus.c ifdeffing cleanup
o [SPARC64]: flock compat changes
o kernel/pid.c: Use proper size_t printf format string
o [SPARC64]: Fix typos in Rustys extable changes
o [SUNRPC]: svcauth.h needs linux/string.h
o [CRC32]: Fix pointer casts on 64-bit
o [SUNGEM]: Add warning to ppc code wrt. MAX_ADDR_LEN change
o [NET]: Remove dup wireless.h include in socket.c

Dipankar Sarma <>:
o [IPV4]: barriers in lockfree rtcache

Dominik Brodowski <>:
o cpufreq: p4-clockmod bugfixes
o cpufreq: elanfreq cleanup and compile fix
o cpufreq: update timer notifier

Geert Uytterhoeven <>:
o Remove unused prototype for init_modules()

Gerd Knorr <>:
o add tda9887 module
o video-buf.c update
o add v4l1-compat module
o bttv driver update
o update bttv documentation
o add bt832 module
o media/video i2c updates
o i2c update for tuner.c
o saa7134 driver update

Greg Kroah-Hartman <>:
o IBM PCI Hotplug: fix compile time error due to find_bus() function
o PCI: properly unregister a PCI device if it is removed
o PCI hotplug: clean up the try_module_get() logic a bit

Hideaki Yoshifuji <>:
o [IPV6]: Fix Length of Authentication Extension Header

Hugh Dickins <>:
o I/O APIC confusion
o demystify do_boot_cpu stack

James Bottomley <>:
o parisc update for 53c700/lasi700
o shuffle sr_ioctl include ordering for parisc
o update ncr53c8xx to new dma_ API (needed to incorporate zalon)

James Morris <>:
o [SUNSAB]: Bug fixes for new sunsab uart driver

Jeff Garzik <>:
o [netdrvr mii] fix ugly lack of useful bit masking
o [netdrvr] add AMD-8111 ethernet driver (yet another PCI lance)
o [netdrvr eepro100] new pci id
o [netdrvr de4x5] fix uninitializer timer
o [netdrver e1000] wol updates
o [netdrvr e1000] restore VLAN settings after resume
o [netdrvr e1000] small cleanups and fixes
o [netdrvr e100] Bug fix: system panic in watchdog when repeating
ifdown, rmmod, insmod
o [netdrvr e100] Bug fix: enable/disable WOL based on EEPROM settings
o [netdrvr e100] fix ethtool/mii interface up/down issues
o [IrDA] s/MOD_foo_COUNT/SET_MODULE_OWNER/ cleanups
o [netdrvr] ethernet crc fixes
o [netdrvr e100] better debugging for command failures/timeouts
o [netdrvr e100] changelog/whitespace updates, small fixes
o [netdrvr amd8111e] add to drivers/net/Makefile.lib too, as it uses

Justin T. Gibbs <>:
o Update the aic7xxx Makefile so that the register information tables
are not rebuilt on every build.
o aic7xxx/aicasm
o aic7xxx and aic79xx drivers Correct several DV issues
o aic7xxx and aic79xx driver updates

Kai Germaschewski <>:
o ISDN/HiSax: Fix compilation for !CONFIG_ISAPNP
o ISDN/HiSax: Remove unused B-Channel callbacks
o ISDN/HiSax: un-virtualize W6692 B-Channel access
o ISDN/HiSax: Helper functions for B-Channel {read,write}_reg()
o ISDN/HiSax: Move BC_{Read,Write}_Reg into struct bc_hw_ops
o ISDN/HiSax: Un-virtualize D-channel access in hfc_2bds0.c
o ISDN/HiSax: Un-virtualize D-channel access in w6692.c
o ISDN/HiSax: Helper functions for D-Channel {read,write}_reg() etc
o ISDN/HiSax: Move isac{read,write}{,fifo} into struct dc_hw_ops
o ISDN/HiSax: Simplify readreg()/writereg() use
o ISDN/HiSax: Use u8 instead of u_char
o ISDN/HiSax: Renaming ReadISAC -> isac_read etc
o ISDN/HiSax: Add B-Channel FIFO ops
o ISDN/HiSax: Use {isac,hscx}_{read,write} and friends
o ISDN/HiSax: Un-inline hscx_irq.c
o ISDN/HiSax: Un-inline jade_irq.c
o ISDN/HiSax: Remove unnecessary locking
o ISDN/HiSax: "ops" structure for the shared xmit handling

Linus Torvalds <>:
o Fix befs/romfs breakage from vfs.h cleanups by Christoph
o Needs <linux/string.h> for strlen()
o Move x86 signal handler return stub to the vsyscall page, and stop
honoring the SA_RESTORER information.
o Make vm86 traps correctly distinguish between vm86 and kernel mode

Luca Barbieri <>:
o Fix sysenter iopl
o Fix sysenter (%ebp) fault handling
o Introduce TIF_IRET and use it to disable sysexit

Martin J. Bligh <>:
o create generalised apic_to_node mapping
o make i386 topology caching
o changes do_boot_cpu to return an error code
o move one more to subarch, general tidy up
o cleanup apicid <-> cpu mapping
o remove clustered_apic_mode from smpboot.c
o nuke clustered_apic_mode and friends

Martin Mares <>:
o PCI IDs update

Mikael Pettersson <>:
o fix ide-cd/ide-scsi oopses after module unload

Neil Brown <>:
o knfsd: Avoid opps when NFSD decodes bad filehandle
o knfsd: Fix bug in RPC cache when entry in replaced
o knfsd: Fix some bugs in qword management
o knfsd: Handle -EAGAIN from exp_find properly in nfsfh.c
o knfsd: Don't assume a reader on an RPC cache channel at statup
o knfsd: rpc/svc auth_unix tidyup
o knfsd: Allow rpcsvc caches to provide a 'cache_show' method
o knfsd: Provide content file for auth.unix.ip cache
o knfsd: Provide 'flush' interface for userspace to flush rpc/svc
o knfsd: Fixes for nfsd filesystem files
o knfsd: Change names of legacy interfaces in nfsd filesys to start
with period
o knfsd: Add 'filehandle' entry for nfsd filesystem for looking up a
o knfsd: Add 'threads' file to nfsd filesystem to allow changing
number of threads
o knfsd: Use hash_long from hash.h for hashing in rpc/svc caches
o knfsd: NFSv4 server fixes
o md: Make sure yielding thread actually yields cpu when waiting for
turn at reconstruct
o md: Make MD device-is-idle test check whole device, not partition
o md: Record location of incomplete resync at shutdown and restart
from there

Patrick Mochel <>:
o kobjects: minor updates
o fs/partitions/check.c - minor updates
o driver model: eliminate struct device_driver::bus_list
o driver model: get correct pointer of interfaces from data
o Deprecate /proc/pci
o kobject.h - add check that we're being included by other kernel
o kobject: Introduce struct kobj_type
o driver model: clean up struct bus_type a bit
o driver model: clean up struct device_class a bit
o Introduce struct kset
o kobjects: Remove kobject::subsys and subsystem::kobj
o edd: fix up for changes in kobject infrastructure
o acpi: use decl_subsys() macro
o remove kernel/platform.c
o block devices: use list and lock in block_subsys, instead of those
defined in genhd.c
o net devices: Get network devices to show up in sysfs
o bus drivers: fix leaking refcounts
o driver model: allow manual binding of devices to drivers
o add kset_find_obj() to search for object in a kset's list
o Implement find_bus() for finding a struct bus_type by name
o Update kobject documentation

Paul Mackerras <>:
o PPC32: Update the support for the IBM 40x embedded PowerPC chips
and boards
o PPC32: Fix so that we don't use the 6xx-specific idle code on
o PPC32: remove support for IBM iSeries machines
o PPC32: create arch/ppc/platforms/4xx/Kconfig and move the config
o PPC32: Fix an oops that could happen if ptrace caused a page fault
o PPC32: Misc. updates to arch/ppc/Kconfig
o PPC32: Makefile and other fixes for the boot wrappers
o PPC32: Use non-pinned large-page TLB entries for kernel RAM mapping
o PPC32: adapt platform code to changes in i8259 PIC code
o PPC32: Use C99 initializer syntax in INIT_THREAD
o PPC32: move some declarations from asm/pci-bridge.h to asm/prom.h
o PPC32: Move IRQ sense/polarity definitions from open_pic.h to irq.h
o PPC32: use CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE for logo rather than
o PPC32: Move files for the "oak" 403-based platform in with the
o PPC32: Update the defconfigs
o PPC32: remove execute permission from some ppc source files
o PPC32: Add support for the IBM405LP-based "Beech" board
o PPC32: Add support for the "Redwood-6" STB03xxx-based eval board
o PPC32: Add support for new IBM embedded PPC cpus

Pete Zaitcev <>:
o [SPARC]: Add Ravnborg Makefile cleanups
o [SPARC]: Include file cleanups, fixes restart_block compile
o [SPARC]: Build problem in ksyms
o [SPARC]: Eric Browers sbus interrupts decoders

Ravikiran G. Thirumalai <>:
o [NET]: Convert sockets_in_use to use per_cpu areas
o [IPV4]: Convert mibstats to use kmalloc_percpu
o [IPV6]: Convert mibstats to use kmalloc_percpu
o [SCTP]: Convert mibstats to use kmalloc_percpu
o [IPV4]: Convert rt_cache_state to use kmalloc_percpu

Ray Lee <>:
o Re: unix_getname buglet - > 2.5.4(?)

Richard Henderson <>:
o [ALPHA] ET_REL modules support
o [ALPHA] Export scr_memcpyw for modular fbcon
o [TGAFB] Implement the fb_fillrect hook
o [TGAFB] Implement the fb_copyarea hook
o [MODULES] Fix compiler warning wrt try_module_get when modules are
o [FB] Re-add fb_readq for non-sparc
o [ALPHA] Distribute the irq and extra device init routines in
arch/alpha/kernel/ to the config options that need them. Fix a few
build problems for XLT and RX164.
o [ALPHA] Makefile cleanup from Sam Ravnborg <>
o [ALPHA] Corrections to last makefile patch
o [ALPHA] Update for generic exception table cleanup
o [ALPHA] Adjust signature of module_frob_arch_sections
o fix alpha boot oops

Richard Hirst <>:
o Add parisc Zalon SCSI card

Rob Radez <>:
o [SPARC]: Add param section to linker script

Robert Love <>:
o remove wavelan_cs warning

Roland Dreier <>:
o [NET]: Increase MAX_ADDR_LEN

Russell King <>:
o [ARM] Fix up location of Acorn font file
o [ARM] Fix child-structure named initialisers
o [ARM] Semaphore functions need to be memory barriers
o [ARM] Add restart block infrastructure
o [ARM] Add __param section for kernel/module parameters
o [ARM] Fix up {__,}put_user macros
o [ARM] Allow arch/arm/kernel/asm-offsets.s to be regenerated
o [ARM] Convert semaphore initialisers to C99 syntax
o [ARM] IOP310 build fixes
o [ARM] Allow arch/arm/kernel/bios32.c to build for iop310
o [ARM] Make jornada720 build again
o [ARM] Minor fixes to drivers/pcmcia/sa1111_generic.c
o [ARM] Fix ups for ARM generic dma mapping interface
o [ARM] Sanitise sa1111 and neponset device driver names
o [ARM] Update mach-types
o [ARM] Add basic support for enable/disable_irq_wake
o [ARM] Add support for IRQ-based wakeup for SA11x0 CPUs
o [ARM] Add IRQ wake support for SA1111 PS/2 interfaces

Rusty Russell <>:
o Modules: fix plt sections
o Use sh_entsize for ELF section offsets
o Exception table cleanup
o /proc/modules change
o Fix BUG() decl warning in smp.h for UP
o Update MAINTAINERS for modules
o "constfrobbing considered harmful"
o Remove mod_bound macro and unify kernel_text_address()

Stephen Rothwell <>:
o x86 savesegment() cleanup
o better compat_jiffies_to_clock_t
o compat_flock: generic
o compat_flock: ppc64
o compat_flock: x86_64
o compat_flock: ia64
o compat_flock: s390x
o [SPARC64]: Kill __kernel 32-bit compat types, use compat_foo
o {get,put}_compat_timspec: generic
o {get,put}_compat_timspec: s390x

Thibaut Varene <>:
o linux-2.5.46: Remove unused static variable

Thomas Sailer <>:
o 2.5.54: fix oopsable bug in OSS PCI sound drivers

Tom Callaway <>:
o [SUNLANCE]: Add missing asm/machine.h include for sun4 builds

Tom Rini <>:
o PPC32: Cleanup the questions under CONFIG_ADVANCED_OPTIONS
o PPC32: Fix a delay which could occur when booting on machines
without an RTC.
o PPC32: Add explicit parens to the _ALIGN macro
o PPC32: Fix some 'prep' machines which are not true PRePs, and can
safely poll for interrupts on the i8259.
o PPC32: Fix a problem in the bootloader/wrapper where we might
o PPC32: Remove extra __KERNEL__ checks in some headers, as well as
adding /* __KERNEL__ */ to the #endif of others.

Tomas Szepe <>:
o unify netdev config follow-up
o [NET]: Protect secpath references in skbuff.c with CONFIG_INET

Trond Myklebust <>:
o Fix NFS 'off by one' bug
o allow arbitrary alignment of NFS read/write requests
o Cleanup for SunRPC auth code

William Stinson <>:
o remove check_region in drivers_isdn_hisax_mic.c
o remove check_region from drivers_isdn_hisax_sedlbauer.c
o remove check_region calls from drivers_telephony_ixj.c
o remove check_region from drivers_isdn_hisax_asuscom.c
o remove check_region from drivers_isdn_hisax_enternow_pci.c
o remove check_region from drivers_isdn_hisax_teles0.c
o remove check_region from drivers_isdn_hisax_w6692.c
o remove check_region from isdn_hisax_s0box.c
o remove check_region from fdc-io.c version 2
o remove check_region from drivers_isdn_hisax_avm_pci.c
o remove check_region from drivers_isdn_hisax_bkm_a8.c
o remove check_region from sportster.c
o remove check_region from nj_u.c
o remove check_region from Documentation_DocBook_videobook.tmpl
o remove check_region from saphir.c
o [SPARC-BPP]: remove check_region

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