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SubjectWireless Extensions v16-3 - clean patches
Hi Jean,

I have attached two patches that allow current 2.5.54 BK and 2.4.20
vanilla to patch cleanly from whatever WE they came with to WE16,
from your site. This is easier since the patches on your website for
2.4.20 require two patches, and the 2.5.x one has a single reject
that was not hard to resolve (just a few line breaks here and there
and editing of the surrounding text confused patch.)

For 2.5, the BK i diffed against was a fresh tree from today, but
since you're the one that makes all the changes to those files
anyway, it really doesn't matter until a new WE is pushed! And then
this patch won't be necessary at all :)

Both patches should be placed in the root of the source tree and
applied with -p0.

Hope this can benefit others who would like to easily upgrade their
WE :)


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