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SubjectRe: free software
Tomas Szepe wrote:

>>after growing tired of trying to sift through the emails for tidbits of
>>useful code, i have come to the conclusion that this thread should be
>>geared towards something more constructive, otherwise i fear people will
>>begin to find `open source' and `free software' distasteful.
>Would you guys *PLEASE* remove your earplugs and get this off lkml?
>You have been hinted->told->flamed->insulted and you still don't get it.
>Gear the thread towards whatever topics/issues/problems/points you find
>important, but please do so somewhere else! linux-kernel is NOT the place
>for such discussions.

More importantly quit starting new threads!!! If you really must do
it here stay in the thread.

There is no such thing as obsolete hardware.
Merely hardware that other people don't want.
(The Second Rule of Hardware Acquisition)
Sam Flory <>

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