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SubjectIrDA patches on the way for 2.5.55...
	Hi Jeff,

Now that I can again test IrDA on 2.5.X, this is time to send
you my next set of IrDA patches. I've picked the most important one in
my queue, the rest will come later. Those one have been on my web page
for more than 2 months, tested on 2.5.54 and are fairly important.
Would you mind passing that to Linus ?



P.S. : Happy new year...
P.S.2 : 16bit Pcmcia still doesn't seem to be happy on 2.5.54


[FEATURE] : Add a new feature to the IrDA stack
[CORRECT] : Fix to have the correct/expected behaviour
[CRITICA] : Fix potential kernel crash

ir254_discovery_locking-2.diff :
o [CRITICA] Fix remaining locking problem with discovery log
o [CRITICA] Don't call expiry callback under spinlock
o [FEATURE] Simplify/cleanup/optimise discovery/expiry code

ir254_driver_module_fixes-2.diff :
o [CORRECT] Use SET_MODULE_OWNER() in various IrDA drivers

ir254_new_wrapper-3.diff :
o [FEATURE] Properly inline in wrapper Tx path
o [FEATURE] Rewrite/simplify/optimise wrapper Rx path
Lower CPU overhead *and* kernel image size
o [FEATURE] Add ZeroCopy in wrapper Rx path for drivers that support it
I'll update drivers later on...

ir254_secondary_rr.diff :
o [CORRECT] fix the secondary function to send RR and frames without
the poll bit when it detect packet losses

ir254_ircomm_dce.diff :
<Patch from Jan Kiszka>
o [CORRECT] Properly initialise IrCOMM status line (DCE settings)
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