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SubjectRe: Getting interface IP addresses with proc filesystem

I proposed something along this lines but got lot of opposing remarks as I
wanted to identify a given interface as *primary*.
I think this feature is needed and we should add it to the kernel, I need
it, you need it, for sure someone else will need it.


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Hi all,

I'm curious how one goes about getting the current IP addresses held by a
machine. I saw some rather convoluted code in qmail that shows how to do
it but
it seems like a rather difficult (and future bug ridden if the interface
changes) piece of code and was thinking that a /proc/net interface would be
easiest solution, at least on the end user side.

My thinking goes along the lines of adding a file in /proc/net called
(or something more appropriate) which gives the following type of listing:



for each of the registered interfaces on the machine. Nice, simple and
shouldn't be too hard to implement, correct? Is this type of information
already present through some other mechanism that I haven't found yet?

Thanks in advance.

burton samograd

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