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SubjectRe: USB CF reader reboots PC
On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 11:50:06AM -0600, Eli Carter wrote:
> Murray J. Root wrote:
> >Ooops - kernel 2.5.5[234]
> >
> >On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 11:51:30AM -0500, Murray J. Root wrote:
> >
> >>ASUS P4S533 (SiS645DX chipset)
> >>P4 2GHz
> >>1G PC2700 RAM
> >>SanDisk SDDR-77 ImageMate Dual Card Reader (using only CF cards)
> >>
> >>----------------------------
> >>devfs compiled in to kernel, devfs=nomount in lilo.conf
> >>
> >>Insert CF card. mount it. cd to it, do reads and/or writes
> >>umount card. remove card.
> >>insert a different card (does not happen if the same card is used)
> >>mount it. system reboots. logs are corrupted
> >>
> >>Doesn't happen every time for read - sometimes I can read 2 or 3 cards
> >>first
> >>Happens every time for write - if I write to a card then changing cards
> >>causes a reboot
> >>
> [snip]
> Somewhat similar vein, but a different set of symptoms, I've seen a
> RedHat box not see that the CF card changed...
> (USB SanDisk CF & SD reader, also using only CF cards.)
> insert 128MB CF card.
> everything is ok.
> remove 128MB CF card, still see 128MB partition
> insert 256MB CF card.
> see 128MB partition.
> (based on /proc/partitions)
> I've not followed this up to figure out why yet.
> You might check that situation to see if yours is related at all.

Using Mandrake Cooker and nope - it sees the change
That's actually part of the symptoms - if I put the
same card back in, no problem. It's only if I use a
different card that it reboots.

Murray J. Root
Mandrake on
#mandrake & #mandrake-linux = help for newbies
#mdk-cooker = Mandrake Cooker
#cooker = moderated Mandrake Cooker

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