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SubjectRe: [ACPI] acpi_os_queue_for_execution()
>> Andrew McGregor [] wrote:
>> So *that* is why ACPI kernels are so slow on my laptop (Dell i8k),
>> and make so much heat. I bet one of those threads ends up busy
>> looping because of other brokenness.

> Faye Pearson [] wrote:
> My laptop was a lot happier when I removed the GPE _L00 method from my
> DSDT which was busylooping sending a processor 0x80 event.

As a relative newcomer to LINUX quite a lot of it is a foreign language,
(no awful pun intended). I've been around electronics and computers for
quite a few years now. So would you be so kind as to explain just what
is "GPE_L00" and "DSDT". And just how we remove the salient part?
I have a new Acer Aspire 1304LC which I could cook an egg on.
Windoze(2K & XP Pro) don't generate anything like so much warmth.

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