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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kexec for 2.5.54
... taking poor Linus off the cc list
Andy Pfiffer wrote:
> For those that have had success w/ recent vintage kernels and kexec (>
> 2.5.48), could I get a roll-call of your machine's hardware? Uniproc,
> SMP, AGP, chipset, BIOS version, that kind of thing. lspci -v,
> /cat/proc/cpuinfo, and maybe the boot-up messages would all be
> appreciated.

I've had it work on 2 IBM x86 boxes.
4/8-way SMP
1/4/16 GB RAM
no AGP
Intel Profusion Chipset and some funky IBM one

It failed on the NUMA-Q's I tried it on. I haven't investigated any
more thoroughly.

If you want more details, let me know. But, I've never seen your
"Calibrating delay loop..." problem. The last time I saw problems
there was when I broke the interrupt stack patches. But, since those
aren't in mainline, you shouldn't be seeing it.
Dave Hansen

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