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SubjectRe: windows=stable, linux=5 reboots/50 min
I'm now pretty sure that it is a hardware failure of some type.  Windows was 
stable last night for about four hours of compiling, graphics manipulations,
etc. But, when I got home after being gone for several hours, Windows
started exhibiting the same behavior. I presume it is Linux sensitivity to
hardware that made it show up 5 days sooner. I'm presume, at this point,
that it is either the motherboard or one of the processors.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Of the many messages I received, the
following were good and relevant to my system and I will try them to see if
it does make a difference.

1) Try disabling apm/acpi in bios (I had done this in the kernel, not in
2) Try a uniprocessor kernel or booting with only one processor
3) mount /var synchronous to see if anything shows up in the logs (I had
checked the logs and nothing was getting written to it. I had forgotten that
you could make the whole file system synchronous; I'll try this.)
4) Increase voltage to the processors and see if it helps.

Per some other questions, I'm not using scsi nor do I have an intel 82801DB
chip onboard.

Thanks again for the help.

PS: Please CC me any responses that go to the list.[unhandled content-type:application/pgp-signature]
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