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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] Re: [PATCH][FBDEV]: fb_putcs() and fb_setfont() methods

> > > I'll be happier with character coordinates for text mode.
> >
> > Yuck!! Using fbcon for text modes is just bloat. For hardware text mode it
> > is much better to write a nice small console driver like newport_con.c
> When I said before christmas that I'll have to write matroxcon to get
> reasonable functionality, you laughed... Now, it is clear that there is
> no other way...

No I didn't laugh. I didn't like the idea of another fbcon like system
being developed just to support this text mode. I have no problem with
a matroxcon.

> You can throw anything in and out, of course... It is GPL, after all.
> Only question left is whether I'll be satisfied with functionality you
> offer.

:-) I'm working on your driver the latest few days. I managed to shrink
most of the accel code into one common base.I still have alot to go tho.
You have a matroxfb_check_var which makes my life much easier.

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