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    SubjectRe: 2.5.54: radeonfb almost works

    > Just booting with video=radeon gives me a 640x400
    > mode. There's some initial garbage (looks like early boot
    > messages converted to graphichs at the wrong resolution)
    > on the screen, but that isn't a problem. The low resolution
    > is, though.

    640x480 is normal.

    > I first tried "fbset 1280x1024-60", which changed
    > the resolution, but the console was still a
    > small 640x400 thing in the upper left corner of
    > the 1280x1024 display. Not very useful.

    Because fbset is only useful for setting /dev/fb. You want to use stty
    to set the resolution now. The advantage of this is we don't end up
    with a console mode of 80 3/4 columns by 30 1/4 rows.

    stty cols 160 rows 64

    assuming you are using 8x16 fonts.

    > So I tried booting with video=radeon:1280x1024-32@60
    > That gave me a blank screen, the monitor complained
    > about "no signal".
    > But I logged in blind, and ran fbset 1280x1024-60
    > again. This gave me the console I want.
    > 1280x1024 resolution, with 160x64 characters.

    Sounds like a monitor timings issue. fbset cheats by taking
    times from the /etc/fb.mods file. I'm working on patch
    that was sent to me to deal with this.

    > Another problem comes up when running X. Switching
    > from X to some virtual console always gives me the
    > "no signal" thing, and I have to type the fbset
    > command blind before the console becomes
    > visible. Switching back to X is never a problem.

    Same problem again. It is a monitor timings issue.
    We are working on this.

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