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Subject[PATCH] (0/7) Finish moving NUMA-Q into subarch, cleanup
oops --- the original of this went to Linus, but not LKML, sorry.


The following sequence of patches finishes the move of NUMA-Q into
subarch, and cleans up some of the mess I made when I put it in
originally. clustered_apic_mode, CONFIG_CLUSTERED_APIC and smpboot.h
all die by the end of the sequence.

There are some topology changes in here, which are needed as a precursor
to the cpu<->apicid mapping cleanups, which are needed to make Summit work.
I've tried hard to break everything out into small readable chunks, and
it's designed to be a complete no-op on standard machines.

Tested on UP, standard SMP, Crusader, NUMA-Q, and Summit (x440).
Test-compiled on UP+IO/APIC. No new compiler warnings are introduced.
Removes more lines of code than it adds, according to diffstat.
This is the last of the stuff for moving NUMA-Q into subarch.

Please apply,


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