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SubjectRe: Gigabit/SMP performance problem

Avery Fay writes:
> Hmm. That paper is actually very interesting. I'm thinking maybe with the
> P4 I'm better off with only 1 cpu. WRT hyperthreading, I actually disabled > it because it make performance worse (wasn't clear in the original email).

With 1CPU-SMP-HT I'm on UP level of performance this with forwarding two
single flows evenly distributes between CPU's. So HT payed the SMP cost so
to say.

Also I tested the MB bandwidth with new threaded version of pktgen just
TX'ing a packets on 6 GIGE I'm seeing almost 6 Gbit/s TX'ed w 1500 bytes

I have problem populating all slots w. GIGE NIC's. WoL (Wake on Lan) this
is a real pain... Seems like my adapters needs a standby current 0.8A and
most Power Supplies gives 2.0A for this. (Number come from SuperMicro).
So booting fails radomlingy. You have 8 NIC's -- Didn't you have problem?

Anyway I'll guess profiling is needed?

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