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SubjectRe: Linux iSCSI Initiator, OpenSource (fwd) (Re: Gauntlet Set NOW!)
At 12:38 AM 7/01/2003 -0500, wrote:
> > What was the underlying error rate and distribution you assumed? I
> > figure if it were high enough to get to your 1%, you'd have such high
> > retry rates (and resulting throughput loss) that the operator would
> > notice his LAN was broken weeks before said transfer completed.
>The average ISP wouldn't notice things were broken unless enough magic
>smoke escaped to cause a Halon dump.
>Consider as evidence the following NANOG presentation:
>Some *98* percent of all queries at one of the root nameservers over a 24-hour
>period were broken in some way.

please don't confuse issues.
i think you just epitomized the quote: "there are lies, damn lies, and

you're trying to say that because there is some broken/buggy nameserver
code out there, it means that the error-rate for TCP is correct?



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