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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: 2.4.19 & 2.4.20 hang without oops...
I've just run in to a similar problem with 2.4.20.
The system hangs using 2.4.20, and everything is
fine with 2.4.18-10bigmem (rh73).

Points of similarity:

Dual (SMP) P3-450, supermicro (BX) motherboard
kernel 2.4.20
red hat (7.3 w/ updates)


no IDE
main disks on AHA2940U2W
Firewire (aua-3121) or scsi AHA-1542

I've found two separate hangs. The most interesting is that I have
two (different) firewire disks. I can access either of the disks all
day, but as soon as I access both at the same time the system hangs.
I am unable to test this on 2.4.18 as one of the firewire disks
(WD 200GB) is not recognized correctly under 2.4.18, which is
why I am running 2.4.20 in the first place.

The second hang seems related to ejecting an audio cd-rom from
a CD-RW attached to its private AHA-1542 scsi controller.

Both hangs are "hard" without any sort of output to the console.
I also lose the console echo. I'd guess that I'm running into a
SMP deadlock.

--- Matthew Costello <>

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