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SubjectRe: fs corruption with 2.4.20 IDE+md+LVM
On Mon, 2003-01-06 at 04:49, Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom wrote:
> <flamebait>
> maybe I just missed the arguments since I wasn't reading LKML at the time;
> but *why* is IDE being revamped in the middle of a "stable" kernel series?
> however better it may be, I don't regard the existing situation as being bad
> enough to justify the risk.
> </flamebait>

You are reporting problems in 2.4.20. 2.4.20 doesn't have the revamped IDE...

The IDE is getting updated because

- Lots of new controllers dont work with the old code
- Lots of LBA48 problems exist with the older code
- SATA is right out with the older code
- Several existing controllers have weird bugs with the older code

I'd much prefer we didn't have to update the IDE too 8)

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