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SubjectLVM, NFS, Reiser and ext3
Running SuSE 8.1 with their 2.4.19 kernel on a single CPU i386 box.

I have an volume group consisting of 2 IDE based physical volumes and one SCSI
based one. I created a logical volume of 5GB, put a Reiser file system on it,
and exported it using kernel NFS. I then had an NFS client (another SuSE 8.1
box) write data to it. The result was quickly disasterous. Piles of errors
from reiserfs, resulting in a fs which fsck couldn't deal with.

I reformatted with ext3 and tried again. Several gigabytes of seemingly
correctly written NFS transfers later, I'm seeing errors on read like:

Jan 6 16:26:47 beetle kernel: EXT3-fs error (device lvm(58,0)): ext3_readdir:
bad entry in directory #229383: rec_len is too small for name_len -
offset=504, inode=229395, rec_len=36, name_len=36

and lots and lots of:

Jan 6 16:29:34 beetle kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
Jan 6 16:29:34 beetle kernel: 3a:00: rw=0, want=629932036, limit=5242880

Is there reason to believe that LVM, NFS and jouralling file systems don't get

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