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Subject[2.5.54 Bug]: in function zaurus_tx_fixup
Hello all,

For some reason after just pulling from Linus' tree I get the following
errorin built_in.o. I hate these bugs as I have no idea what file its in
so I can't actually hack/botch it :( Anyways here it is:
ld -m elf_i386 -e stext -T arch/i386/
arch/i386/kernel/head.o arch/i386/kernel/init_task.o init/built-in.o
--start-group usr/built-in.o arch/i386/kernel/built-in.o
arch/i386/mm/built-in.o arch/i386/mach-default/built-in.o
kernel/built-in.o mm/built-in.o fs/built-in.o ipc/built-in.o
security/built-in.o crypto/built-in.o lib/lib.a arch/i386/lib/lib.a
drivers/built-in.o sound/built-in.o arch/i386/pci/built-in.o
arch/i386/oprofile/built-in.o net/built-in.o --end-group -o
drivers/built-in.o: In function `zaurus_tx_fixup':
drivers/built-in.o(.text+0xd0c2d): undefined reference to `crc32_le'
make: *** [.tmp_vmlinux1] Error 1
--end snip--
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