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> Instead of truncating the id, we need a new scsi_uid field allocated
> to whatever size required.

> And, a descriptive string put in the name, rather than the id, such as:
> scsi disk

[I changed the Subject line "Re: inquiry in scsi_scan.c" since people
are still discussing devices with a buggy INQUIRY response;
maybe unnecessarily - all details are well understood, and
patches fixing all problems have been posted, but in any case
it is best to separate both threads.]

Maybe I should ask you to explain more in detail what purpose
you have in mind. If I read your code and hear you talking
it sounds like you would like to have a string identifying
the device. But in many cases no such string exists.

Moreover, what precisely is "the device"?
If I have a Compact Flash card reader and read CF cards,
is the device the reader? Or the card? Or the combination?
If I have an Imation FlashGo! reader, and insert a SmartMedia
adapter, and read a SmartMedia card, is the device the reader,
the reader plus adapter, the card?

If the device is the reader, then it will have a different size,
partitioning and contents each time we see it.
If the device is the card, then we need a different driver
each time we see it.

What do you want to recognize with this ID, and why?

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