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Subjectwindows=stable, linux=5 reboots/50 min
After a recent hard drive crash, I re-installed Linux to a new hard drive.
After about 2 weeks, my system now spontaneously reboots about once per 10
minutes (on avg.). I'm assuming I messed up something in my kernel
configuration as Windows is still stable. To verify that it wasn't the new
hard drive (or use of different controller) I formatted a segment of it
under Windows and copied 7+ gb of data onto it while doing other things
without problem.

The system will reboot as early as after detecting the hard drives and
before loading the root filesystem or anytime thereafter - sometimes in
logging into the console, sometimes in X.

My system configuration is as follows:

Microstar 694D-Pro-AR
Dual PIII - 800's - not overclocked
Nice 450 Watt PS
Onboard Promise PDC20265
Onboard AC97Audio - Disabled
Soundblaster Live
2 Hard drives
- 1=IBM-40gb on Promise Controller
- 1=WD-80gb on onboard UDMA/66 controller (previous configuration was also
on promise)
USB Keyboard/Mouse/Scanner
Intel EEPro100
NVidia TNT2 Utlra (considering the system sometimes crashes before I enter X
and before the NVidia driver is loaded, my kernel has not been tainted at
this point).

I don't get any messages is /var/log/... nor do I get an oops. I have tried
this under 2.4.19, 2.4.20, and 2.4.21-pre2 (all compiled with gcc-2.95.3)
and I get the same behavior. I have noticed no similarities between the
crashes. At this point, I have no idea how to isolate it other than to
start removing every single unnecessary kernel module/option from my .config
and recompiling. Any suggestions? Want to see a grep of my .config?


PS: Although I'm going to try to monitor the list for the next few days,
please CC me in case I miss it.

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