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SubjectRe: Linux iSCSI Initiator, OpenSource (fwd) (Re: Gauntlet Set NOW!)
    Can you admit the follow, that GPL has everything to control
redistribution, and has ZERO context for copyright.

It is not clear what those words mean, so I won't agree or disagree.

The holders of the
copyright control the issues.

That is certainly true. The copyright holders of the code can permit
whatever they wish to permit, for that code. The copyright holders of
Linux can permit whatever they wish to permit, for Linux. I've said
this many times. The last occasion was in the message that you just
responded to:

> The Linux developers can certainly do this, if the copyright holders
> of the substantial functions in question go along with it.

When I say X and you respond by demanding angrily that I agree to X, I
have to think we're failing to communicate.

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