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SubjectRe: Problem with uhci and usb-uhci
On Sun, Jan 05, 2003, Øystein Svendsen <> wrote:
> Johannes Erdfelt wrote:
> >Have you tried this with OHCI?
> I am not able to load the OHCI driver on my system, so the answer is no.
> I guess my hardware is not compatible.

I assume you have UHCI hardware then. You would need OHCI hardware to
use the OHCI driver :)

> >The error message for uhci.o atleast is returning back a babble error
> >which will then stall the pipe.
> >
> >A babble error is usually a driver or device issue.
> I am not very familiar on how the USB stuff works, but I'll try to take
> a look on the usb-midi.c after I get some sleep. I was assuming there
> was trouble with the UHCI stuff because the USB bus seems to remain
> stalled even after i unplug the MIDI adapter from the USB bus.

The bus doesn't STALL, but there may have been a problem with the host

For instance, some VIA controllers will lock up if it receives a BABBLE


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