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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in closed source drivers?
On Mon, 06 Jan 2003 12:13:01 -0500
Richard Stallman <> wrote:

> You *chose* GNU/Linux to parallel Unix? I assume you mean that you
> influenced GNU into using a Unix base with the eventual goal of having
> some sort of GNU Unix base (the Hurd?). The words you selected above
> are rather assuming.
> I decided in 1983 to develop a Unix-compatible operating system, and
> then chose the name GNU for it. In 1990, after finding or writing
> most of the necessary components, we started developing a kernel for
> the GNU system; that kernel is the GNU Hurd. Since Linux was working
> long before the Hurd, people mostly use GNU with Linux instead.


I have the utmost respect for your earlier efforts which were of unquestionable
importance for the dawn of the free software movement. Can't say the same for
your sick GNU/Linux rant though. But considering this is the linux-kernel
_development_ list (let alone the fact that this discussion stinks) I do think
it would be a much better move if you and your zealots would go away and
(perhaps) actually go do some CODING on your GNU/Hurd/whatever instead. All
this ranting is more than likely why it got started in 1990 and it's still not
near finished.

Paulo Andre'
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