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SubjectRe: inconsistent xconfig menu for "Wirless LAN (non-hamradio)"
>   since that card uses the hermes chipset, i naturally selected
> "Hermes chipset 802.11b ...". but wait -- a few lines down, there's
> a comment, "Wireless Pcmcia/Cardbus cards support." strange, i
> could have sworn i selected something like that a few lines up
> already.

In my opinion, options like that should be called "Generic Hermes
chipset 802.11b support".

> worse, even further down, there's "Hermes PCMCIA card support,"
> for which the original selection has help that tells me that it was
> necessary for me to select this later feature. in that case,
> if it's *required*, i shouldn't have any freedom -- the config
> should select it for me.

No, there might be a reason not to have options selected which are
"required", and that needs to be possible whichever kernel
configurator is being used.

> anyway, you the idea -- for my poor, little LinkSys WFC-11 card,
> there are too many selections in that menu that seem to apply to me,
> some of which should be more tightly related, or subsumed in a
> submenu.

The *best* thing to do is to make the help text more helpful, because
that way it explains the configuration to the user, instead of just
doing it for them.

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