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SubjectRe: [BENCHMARK] Lmbench 2.5.54-mm2 (impressive improvements)
Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> On Sat, 4 Jan 2003, Andrew Morton wrote:
> > >
> > > Hmm.. The backup patch doesn't handle single-stepping correctly: the
> > > eflags cleanup singlestep patch later in the sysenter sequence _depends_
> > > on the stack (and thus thread) being right on the very first in-kernel
> > > instruction.
> >
> > Well that's just a straight `patch -R' of the patch which added the wrmsr's.
> Yes, but the breakage comes laterr when a subsequent patch in the
> 2.5.53->54 stuff started depending on the stack location being stable even
> on the first instruction.

Regarding the EFLAGS handling: why can't you just do
a pushfl in the vsyscall page before pushing the 6th arg on the stack
and a popfl afterwards.

Then the syscall entry in kernel code could just do

pushfl $fixed_eflags

The first popl for the 6th arg in the vsyscall page wouldn't be traced
then, but I doubt that is a problem.

Would add a few cycles to the entry path, but then it is better than
having slow context switch.

This would also eliminate the random IOPL problem Luca noticed.
BTW I think I have the same issue on x86-64 with SYSCALL (random IOPL
in kernel), but so far nothing broke, so it is probably not a big

> > > It doesn't show up on lmbench (insufficient precision), but your AIM9
> > > numbers are quite interesting. Are they stable?
> >
> > Seem to be, but more work is needed, including oprofiling. Andi is doing
> > some P4 testing at present.
> Ok.

Here are the numbers from a Dual 2.4Ghz Xeon. The first is plain
2.5.54, the second is with the WRMSR-in-switch-to patch backed out.
Also 2.4.18-aa for co

Host OS 2p/0K 2p/16K 2p/64K 8p/16K 8p/64K 16p/16K 16p/64K
ctxsw ctxsw ctxsw ctxsw ctxsw ctxsw ctxsw

oenone Linux 2.5.54 2.410 3.5600 6.0300 3.9900 34.8 8.59000 43.7
oenone Linux 2.5.54 1.270 2.3300 4.7700 2.5100 29.5 4.16000 39.2

If that is true the slowdown would be nearly 50% for the 2p case.
That looks a bit much, I wonder if lmbench is very accurate here
(do we have some other context switch benchmark to double check?)
but all numbers show a significant slowdown.

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