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Subjectaic79xx bug? my stupidity?
I'm not sure to whom I should be addressing this, but it seems that
Justin Gibbs is one of those people.

I've been trying to get the aic79xx driver working in 2.4.19 without success.
I'll clarify:

I've extracted the source tarfile into the kernel dist directory, config'd the
module to build, built it, installed it, etc.

I've gotten far enough that I can get the kernel to boot with it, and it seems
to see the controller, however, I cannot get it to find the root partition.

I have had success using redhat and the driver diskette.
The hardware is an aic7902, integrated onto a Supermicro X5DA8.

From what I could find on the archives, it seemed like a patch might be
needed to get a vanilla kernel up&running with the aic79xx driver. Is this
right? If so, where might that patch be?

I have more questions and possibly a bug, but would like to find the proper
people to speak with before burdening the list with tons of data.

-Roberto J Peon
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