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SubjectRe: [2.5.54 + ACPI] Slow [Was: Re: [2.5.53] So sloowwwww......]
>> | | acpi= kernel parameters, I tried :
>> | | - acpi=no-idle
>> |
>> | This one (above) is the correct syntax.
>> | Looking at the code, it only takes effect if you are using
>> only 1 CPU.
>> Sorry, I was looking at old source code.
>> apm=no-idle isn't in 2.5.54.
> Too bad...
> Does this mean there is no easy way to have ACPI running correctly
> on my machine ?
> If anyone knows ACPI code, please tell me if you want me to run
> some specific code to understand what's going on...

I've seen this in multiple different places, and it seems to be a royal
pain in the butt. Could you log this in Bugzilla ( so
we can track it and get it fixed? I started to log it myself, but realised
I don't really have the required information, or the data to reproduce it.
Bugs logged under Power Mangement / ACPI will automatically go to the ACPI
maintainer ...

Oh, and if you could dump /proc/interrupts, that might help ... last time
I recall some conversation about it generating millions of interrupts,
though that might be fixed by now ...



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