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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in non-free drivers?
Wolfgang Walter <> writes:

>do not keep a copy. As you can do with microsoft windows - if you bought it
>(and did not licensed it from microsoft). I.a. it is not necessary to provide

Wrong. You buy a license from Microsoft and a media (CD/DVD). Read the
end user license agreement (EULA). You're allowed to resell the media
but not the license. "Unfortunately" for Microsoft, this distinction
is illegal in free countries like Germany [1]. So M$ lost in court and
you can legally buy "OEM" versions for a fraction of the "boxed" price
and resell your licenses.

AFAIK, in the U.S. you cannot resell the license legally once you
accepted the EULA (i.e. opened the box). And dealers must not resell
unbundled OEM software.

Now, who's living in a free country again?


[1] The current german governement is actively trying to change this
part of the german law. That's what you get for electing morons who
might look good on TV. At this point, we're already on U.S. levels.

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