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SubjectRe: Why is Nvidia given GPL'd code to use in non-free drivers?
Richard Stallman <> writes:

> [...] They say that open source usually leads to more powerful and
> reliable software. [...]

Who are "they" and how do "they" put proof to this claim? This is one
of the biggest lies of the open source community that I read again and

Most of the open source software works "about so". Do we have a bullet
proof USB stack? WLAN drivers? DHCP code? ACPI? APM (which is about
what? eight years old?)?

Open Source code most of the times is a collection of code of various
quality from people who needed to "scratch an itch" or put a hack in
to "support just my configuration".

If you find a well designed and completely specified and developed
piece of open source software, you're almost sure to find a company or
an individual having been paid for developing it and the putting it
into open source.

Some open source code still gives me nightmares if I only think about
the filenames.


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