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SubjectRe: inquiry in scsi_scan.c
On Sun, 5 Jan 2003 wrote:

> The SCSI code has no means of knowing the actual length transferred,
> so has no choice but to believe the length byte in the reply.
> But the USB code does the transferring itself, and knows precisely
> how many bytes were transferred. If 36 bytes were transferred and
> the additional length byte is 0, indicating a length of 5, then the
> USB code can fix the response and change the additional length byte
> to 31, indicating a length of 36. That way the SCSI code knows that
> not 5 but 36 bytes are valid, and it gets actual vendor and model strings.

This looks related to something i also bumped into;

scsi scan: host 2 channel 0 id 0 lun 0 identifier too long, length 60, max
50. Device might be improperly identified.

The 'HBA' is idescsi with a memorex cdrw with an inquiry returning a
length value of 34

if (scsi_check_id_size(sdev, 26 + id_page[3]))

I wrote up an ugly hack to truncate the length in idescsi_transform_pc2,
but i don't know SCSI and it doesn't seem right.

> [the code I showed does the right things; will submit actual diffs
> sooner or later]

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